Monday 27 February

Monday 27 February

East 21st street, between Park and Broadway, Manhattan



East 21st street near Park Avenue, Manhattan

Things can get SO blue!!



From a Bleecker Street roof looking east at 5pm in Manhattan



Bleecker Street subway downtown station for #1 line, Manhattan

Ancient Archaeological site!



Georgia Sagri, from Greece, during a non-performance on the

Fifth-floor mezzanine during the Whitney Biennial, Manhattan



A reporter inside Wu Tsang’s installation, Green Room, during the

press preview of the Whitney Biennial, Manhattan



On the corner of Madison and 75th Street, 1:30PM, Manhattan



Madison Avenue at 78th Street, Manhattan



Laviticus on his soprano sax at Broadway and 79th Street, Manhattan



Rooftop from the #1 elevated subway at 231st and Broadway, Bronx